Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

We've given David shirts. Ties. Gift Certificates. All well received, some slyly returned, some never used. Like the Nano we gave him ages ago that still sits in the box. No time to deal with loading it. So it sits.

But not this one, no sir. The kids and I did a little photo project and the little saints sat so professionally for me (ha!!). We gave him this gift yesterday, the nine images filling the holes in this great big frame I found. He said it was his favorite Father's Day gift ever. Ever!

I've been in a little bit of a family photo rut. I still love my digital camera, LOVE IT!! I love everything it can do. But for as many photos as I take, so many personal photos are trapped (and archived on CDs, ALWAYS archive...) in one of my many external hard drives for lack of time to deal with them. Noone to look at them. Just sitting there in pixels and bits. So I just keep buying new hard drives. Sad. Like the nano that sits in his closet, new technology brings great benefits but requires time to learn, do, deal. Ugh.

I plan to retire someday and spend lots of time organizing the thousands of photos in there, but for now they wait. I spend too much time at my computer already. But it's nice to know they are there when I am ready to tackle them, and archived, sometimes even printed. And I am sure his nano will one day be stocked with great tunes, especially if we hire our babysitter to do it for him...

Marty and Spencer's Beautiful Wedding

Aren't they adorable? And get this, her Mom MADE the dress and her sister did her hair and makeup. Wonderful talent to have around for your wedding, for sure.

Marty and Spencer's wedding day started out hot and sticky. The kind where you really don't want to venture outside unless you have to, especially wearing a wedding dress or tux, and you move reeeaaally slowly or you risk breaking into an instant sweat. As we drove from Marty's home to the ceremony at the stunning Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, the skies turned purple, lightning flashed in the distance, rain splattered on the windshield. We feared the worst for their outdoor wedding.

But it seems Marty and Spencer have been very, very good this year. In the short while we were there, the skies cleared, the humidity was swept away with the storm and we got the kind of light photographers dream about...golden, warm, glowy. I couldn't believe it!

Their ceremony was so sweet. They had written a few words about eachother that gave me goose bumps and a lump in my throat, and the rare access to the front of the altar allowed me the gift of capturing their expressions. It was genuine, lovely, and perfect.

Check out Marty and Spencer's Slideshow.