Monday, January 10, 2011

martha's stamp of approval // features

Early on in 2010 I opened a fortune cookie that had that little piece of paper that always holds those generic positive phrases for the individual who just ate a bit too much Chinese food. This time mine said 'A thrilling time is in your immediate future.' I'm not one for reading too much into fortune cookies but I held on to that little piece of generic positive affirmation because I knew what was coming that year was going to be fun, so why not let the fortune cookie be a marker for it all. Well, it really was a great year and I'm so excited for what this next one holds.

A bit of fun to recap from the past few months...
I was lucky enough to get Martha's stamp of approval on The Bride's Guide. I actually received the email from them asking for the use of the photos on my birthday...a pretty good present I'd say.

I'm also lucky enough to have a photo in this February's Lucky magazine. Thee most talented and gorgeous hair and makeup artist, Sunnie Brook Jones, had a two page feature and in it they used a photo of mine from the photoshoot we worked on together for designer, Heidi Merrick's spring 11 line. It's nothing big, but really fun...and I even got an image credit, so my name is realllly small on the side of the page crediting image 4 haha.

Super grateful to be listed on Green Wedding Shoes Favorite Engagement Sessions of 2010. Insane.
Screen shot 2010-07-09 at 6.10.04 PM

Also to note...
Grey Likes Weddings liked Emily + Steven's beautiful and fun affair.

The beautiful new mom, Joanna, of Cup of Jo made my blog traffic soar when she linked to the triplets and Lauren & Brian's engagements.

Polka Dot Bride celebrated Rona + Mike's fun San Fran engagements.

More to come that haven't been put up yet too, but I think that's enough tooting of thee horn.