Sunday, April 12, 2009

a morning with the gillettes.

A couple weeks ago I went out with my dear friend Megan and her beautiful family to do some family pictures for them...we had a great morning together battling the fog that was so reluctant to let the morning sun delight us in it's splendor. They were a joy to hang out fun, so easy to shoot. At the end of our morning together I felt like I was one of them (I was even donning a purple shirt unknowingly ;)

The family was in bright spirits despite some very difficult news they had recently received regarding Rick's (Megan's dad) health. They found out he had a brain tumor and would be having surgery the next week to try and remove it. The surgery went well and will allow the family more time together but unfortunately, as of now, it looks like the cancer will continue to spread. They all are so grounded in faith and are standing tall in the fact that God is good even in the midst of difficult circumstances. It's like they're all reacting in the way you're told you should react if something like this happens but no one ever really does...they're incredible.

Please keep Rick and the family in your thoughts and prayers.