Friday, June 20, 2008

What I did at work this week.

Soo I haven't really talked about it yet on this here lil blog but I started a "real" job three weeks ago as a Project Coordinator at PlainJoe Studios. It's a boutique studio that focuses on strategic branding, interactive media, and environmental design...basically they do a lot of really sweet stuff all the time. I'll tell you more about it all in an upcoming post and hopefully get some pictures up of how absolutely incredible the place is that I work... but for now just know I looove my job. What's not to love? They already took us on a "team building" trip to Disneyland and the owner surprised us by getting us all annual passes. Who does that?!

Anyways I thought I'd just show you all something I've had a chance to work on this past week. Basically many people in the PJS team have been working to put together 40 customized ipod touches for a client that is giving them away at an investor/launch meeting....wish you could be one of those guys? Yeah, me too. I basically put together all the packaging that was branded for this project which was really cool to see come together. My newfound photography friend, Ed, let me help photograph the swag and I managed to get the shot below. If you can't figure out the copy reference its per the one and only John Lennon's picture being displayed on the front of every box.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to college lil seester.

My one and only and bestest sister graduated high school a couple weeks ago. I'm so proud of her and all she's done and encountered through life thus far. I'm excited to see her pursue a nursing degree and know she'll make the most incredible nurse ever. Seriously, she's going to be Ammaaazing. As for the graduation, it was lotsa fun. We made a nice big Hoo-Rah! A couple of air horns and some screamin vocal chords made for nice support...the kind of rachet that every graduate hopes for. Tef received her diploma, shook a couple hands, and was glad to be moving on to the next part of life. I'm super glad for her and can only imagine what the next four or so years will bring.

Soo I have to include this side story about my Dad....just have to. My poor know how some schools release birds as some sort of attempted act to be inspirational. You can see where this is going already im sure... Well they say the lil mantra "And you will soar on wings like eagles" and they released the doves (not sure why they didn't just get eagles). Well this one bird decided to single out my dad for a little drop zone if you know what I mean. Yes, the dove dropped a turd right on him. We felt bad for him, but really no one could stop laughing.